ABOUT Groot3R B.V.

 ‘Together we give your ICT equipment a new life’

Groot3R B.V. is an internationally operating VIHB certified company. We are engaged in processing ICT waste and the destruction of sensitive data. We operate in accordance with the directives of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Materials processed by Groot3R B.V. range from printed circuit boards to mobile phones. Groot3R B.V. guarantees a high recycling rate and a flawless logistics operation.

‘Confidence is essential for de Groot Electronics Recycling’

In the area of destruction of confidential data Groot3R B.V. is a specialist company. Confidentiality of the data to be destroyed is essential.

De Groot Electronics has its registered office in Haaksbergen but we operate all over the Netherlands.

Data destruction, how does it work?

We collect your confidential data with secured collection means. Upon request your data are destroyed with discretion within 48 hours because naturally you wish your data to be eliminated as soon as possible before they get into the wrong hands.

Reliable recycling of residual material

After the destruction of the offered material a recyclable rest will remain, which is recycled in a safe way with a high recycling rate by our recycling department.

Let the de Groot Electronics Recycling specialist clean up for you.